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FREE Media Planning Tool

Get free access to our platform allowing you to optimize the campaign process and minimize time-consuming work-flows. With our unique publisher platform, Native Avenue, we are enabling cross-platform mediabuys in an unique, effective and efficient way and have seeded the path for growth on a larger scale. 

Native Avenue gives our clients seamless access to search through our publisher network and in minutes take the first important steps in a campaign booking – simplifying the media buying process to a few clicks. Native Avenue is data driven and gives 360-degree access and full transparency to all campaign performance.


Browse our gallery of thousands of premium publishers. Sort by category, territory or search by your own keyword and we will present the most relevant titles from glossy magazines, popular weeklies, newspapers, bloggers and more.


Get inspired by the publishers ability to capture an audience across multiple platforms. Get instant rates and reach by channel of your interest. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, LinkedIn, YouTube & you name it!


Simply add titles of your interest to your own media plan and let us calculate costs and expected performance KPIs. Based on our predictive modeling you get a glance of how your branded content will perform with selected publications.


Your request is free and not binding. Our team will review your request within 48 hours and contact you for a customized proposal based on your branded content.


  • Online access to platform
  • 360-view reports (in all formats)
  • Includes both paid + organic views, impressions and clicks
  • Leads or other custom tracking points
  • Creatives and links to live assets
  • Publisher overview and break-downs
  • Average view times
  • Benchmarks
  • Summary and recommendations