Case study #EnjoyDairy

Case Study: Enjoy Dairy


In an effort to broaden the dairy conversation, Global Dairy Platform (GDP) launched its first ever hashtag campaign promoting the hashtag #EnjoyDairy to rally enthusiasm and support for the wider dairy industry.

The campaign sought to drive involvement, deepen engagement, and establish whether a consolidated communications campaign could exist by pushing particular messages across specific markets.


The tone of the overall #EnjoyDairy conversation was neutral to positive, attaining pick- up across key markets, particularly by individuals / groups in the U.S. (48%), the U.K. (13%), and Ireland (10%).

Content was centralized, with each market sharing the same key messages, contributing to a unified global campaign. Coverage was shared on social media, predominantly on Twitter (73%) followed by Facebook (24%).

Case study #EnjoyDairy

  • Social impressions within Target Audience 2.4 Mio
  • Engagments 2.5 K
  • Video Content Achieved top engagement, driven by a health engaged audience