Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Advertising on social media is a major task in any marketing plan today and is therefore increasingly important to manage professionally. At Prettysocial media we give you a dedicated and always-on-top-of-things team that has the experience, knowhow and manpower to deliver the results you need.

It might be easy for everyone to get started but managing social media campaigns on an ongoing basis is a handcrafts work. It requires knowledge, time, skills and decision-making. Campaigns are targetted (including custom audiences, re-targeting, look-a-like) and optimized towards your marketing objectives (reach, views, clicks).

– We guarantee results
– We are fully transparent
– We have the experience
– We have the knowledge
– We have the man-power

As an agency that is managing hundreds of business accounts, we have VIP access to Facebook, advanced feature sets and can react quickly to changes in performance or client requirements.

We manage Social Media marketing on all mayor social platforms,

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat, YouTube, in podcasts.

Social Media Marketing are offered on a monthly retainer basis, hourly rates or on campaign basis.

Give us a ring and we tell you how we can take your social media marketing to the next level.