Lead Generation

Turn prospects into customers

We have +20 years of Lead Gen experience

It’s a well-known discipline within online marketing but nevertheless always at the core of any brand. To secure initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. 

The channels and methods might change with the rise of new formats and technology but the basics of attracting prospects who is showing and interest is key. 

We guide you through the opt-in processes of user permission as well as the advice on how to best turn leads into loyal costumers.

Try Lead Gen with us

Constant flow of engaged, truly interested prospects

Vetted permissions

100% fine-tuned landingpages and sign-up forms

Database permission and access

Analysis on lead conversion

Intelligent reporting

Have you tried the Facebook & LinkedIN forms?

This format is an excellent source of leads and might ba a perfect add-on to your existing lead channels. The sign-up process including pre-filling of user data and data storage are done by Facebook or LinkedIN as a paid ad format through our publisher network.

The lead form is elegantly placed in the newsfeed of the publishers and giving you a unique opportunity to leverage the publishers loyal fan base.