Social Commerce

Are you ready for collaborative ads?

Increase your sales with Social Commerce

Increase your sales with social commerce

Get your products into the editorial newsfeed of premium publishers.

Leverage the benefits our huge publisher network to maximise your social selling. Let trustworthy publisher promote your products and make it easy for customers to buy through their favourite social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

We help you with social selling:

1 | Shoppable galleries and stories

2 | Multiple product tagging

3 | Buy buttons

4 | Review-based purchase

5 | Active user participation

6 | Messenger-app customer support.

Are you ready for collaborative ads?

Identify the right social media. You will need to find out which social media channels will match with your products and services. With our network of 1.500+ publisher we will find you are great ambassador.

We guide you along the way including direct support and analytic tools.

High-quality content is a must. We need great product videos and photo shoots to create awareness and desire. Here we help too.

Successful COLLABORATIVE Campaign

Miele: Schöner Wohnen

We enable Facebook Users to buy desired products simple and direct in every available Webshop. From the Newsfeed direct to Checkout.

  • Performance uplift through publisher partnership
  • Reach an exclusive new fanbase
  • Incremental quality reach
  • Attractive CPM / CPC / CPO
  • Trustworthy messenger with wellknown media brands

prettysocial media provides all related tasks for our clients and and offers a turn key full service solution for all eCommerce players. We build creative concepts to place your product directly into premium content environments to boost your sales.

Successful SCALE Campaign

National reach via 16 large cities

Obtain great reach using the powerful impact of a national grid of local media titles. With Prettysocial Media’s SCALE product, your content is distributed in the name of the publishers on a regional or national scale. This way you obtain large reach at a very attractive CPM. Content is distributed via paid social in the name of the publishers within a specific channel.

Successful PLUS Campaign

FASHION: Son of a Tailor

The perfectly fitted T-shirt.
Size does matter.
Multiple sets of in-depth digital articles with premium Publisher Brands is telling the story about the perfectly fitted t-shirt. But also why this the products are organic, climate-friendly and the introduction to a new wave within the fashion industry to have a lot more consciousness. This is storytelling – way beyond “buy one get one free”, from a Scandinavian start-up company scaling up to the global market. All the native articles are written and distributed by premium brands like GQ and with Prettysocial Media the traffic is secured by social amplification through well-performing channels.

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