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Branded Content Scale

Get your content into the editorial newsfeed of premium publishers.
You select the titles and stay in control of your content. The Brand
name will be tagged in the post as co-sender.

Choose from our 1.500+ publisher list or ask us for a publisher match
analysis where we make recommendations on where to distribute your

Format: Social Post and/or Social Ads

Pricing model: CPM with guaranteed impression pack.

Branded Content Select

Book a channel in our network for extensive reach. We are bundling up
publishers to give your countrywide coverage on your branded content
campaign across titles and media houses.

You can select national or regional targeting in specific channels
(News, Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty or Business) – no single
titles possible.

Format: Social Post and/or Social Ads.

Pricing model: CPM with guaranteed impression pack.

Branded Content Plus

Content, with underlying storytelling and concepts, is produced by
the publishers and launched through their digital and social platforms.
Excellent to build long-term SEO value for your brand.

Concept and content are created by the editors of the publishing
house or with our team of professional video producers, creative
directors and social experts.

Format: Editorial Content plus Social amplification.

Pricing model: CPM with guaranteed impression pack.

Successful SELECT Campaign

TV-Show: Das Erste

Video post with trailer was placed in the newsfeed of selected publishers where the fan pages are having a high affinity among the target ausience.

Content was linking to the clients landinpage and was distributed as orgnica as well as paid ads in the name of the publishers. Targeting: Fans, friends of fans, look-a-likes, regions and defined target audience demographics.

A Branded Content Campaign with Prettysocial media is always in the name of the selected publishers.

Successful SCALE Campaign

National reach via 16 large cities

Obtain great reach using the powerful impact of a national grid of local media titles. With Prettysocial Media’s SCALE product, your content is distributed in the name of the publishers on a regional or national scale. This way you obtain large reach at a very attractive CPM. Content is distributed via paid social in the name of the publishers within a specific channel.

Successful PLUS Campaign

FASHION: Son of a Tailor

The perfectly fitted T-shirt.
Size does matter.
Multiple sets of in-depth digital articles with premium Publisher Brands is telling the story about the perfectly fitted t-shirt. But also why this the products are organic, climate-friendly and the introduction to a new wave within the fashion industry to have a lot more consciousness. This is storytelling – way beyond “buy one get one free”, from a Scandinavian start-up company scaling up to the global market. All the native articles are written and distributed by premium brands like GQ and with Prettysocial Media the traffic is secured by social amplification through well-performing channels.

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