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Content Marketing

We are producing the content that engages, entertains and performs, making your campaign stand out from the crowd.

Concepting a compelling story that tells why your brand deserves the audience’s attention.

Tap into the editorial teams of our 1.500+ publishers and let’s identify, create and shape the content that makes your audience tic. As part of the creative process we will advise on video formats, platform recommendations as well as expected output and performance.

We have extensive experience in content production in-house and a partner network of creative directors, video producers, journalists, photographers, artists, animators, podcast producers, programmers, Youtubers and PR-experts.

Successful Plus Campaign


We developed a Social- and Live experience campaign executed in the high impact format of 9:16 short form videos. The campaign was executed primarily on Instagram stories, Snap and through digital screen in Educational environments at high-schools and colleges. Putting themes such as Enjoyment, Nutrition, Community, Tradition in the center of the Enjoy Milk communication the Millenial audience was re-encourage to consume 1 glass of Milk a day.

Successful Plus Campaign

Instagram: Luksusowa influencer campaign

The “Potato-Hero" Challenge 2019 was introduced by the exclusive Vodka brand Luksusowa in the UK market. We asked bartender influencers with a high affinity in the target audience of metropolitan cocktail savvies to make a luxury cocktail using a potato.

The results where stunning. 15 bartenders competed and produced amazing recipes featuring the hero: The potato. The followers engaged deeply in the content by helping out their favourite influencer to give the drink a name.

An Instagram Influencer Campaign delivering stunning content and results. At a live event in London in June we celebrated the winner – tasting the cocktail and handed over the trophy. Watch out for the 2020 activities as well as the Potato Hero’s from USA and Canada

Successful Plus Campaign

Leading Probiotics brand USA

We developed multiple sets of in-depth digital articles with premium publishers providing trustworthiness and engagement from the target audience.

A large barrier to entry is that people don’t know enough about probiotics and if they do, it is heavily rooted in digestive health– so we will not only need to convince people that probiotics are essential to your overall health, but also that our clients product is the best choice.

With the native articles – amplified by strong social posts on Facebook and Instagram – we achieved an overwhelming reading time of more than 14 minutes.

Here a sample of our Partners:

Creative Concepts, Content Production, Video & Audio Production

Publishing and Analytics Platform for Content Marketing

PR & Communication, Content Production, Coaching and Crisis Communication Germany

PR & Communication, Content Production, Coaching and Crisis Communication Scandinavia

Corporate Animation & Illustration

Out of Home & Events

Prettysocial Media supports the Danish NGO Gadens Børn, a non-profit organization that works to improve the living conditions of street children in Kolkata, India. Gadens Børn primarily rely on the hard work of volunteers, and always try to keep our administrative expenses to an absolute minimum.

A project that today provides 600 children daily with food, schooling and health checks. For 50 Danish kroner you can buy 25 meals of food in Kolkata. Even a little can do a lot.

Prettysocial are happy to support the administration team with social media and digital marketing expertise.