Branded Content

What is

Branded Content

Branded Content is commercial content that is promoted together with a media brand. The content can have several shapes – most typically an advertorial, a video or a social post and can be produced by the advertiser, the media or a third part. Branded content is however always distributed together with a media brand through the medias name and platforms.

Primarily our campaigns are focused on the values of the brand, not on the specific product or its services. With branded content we are seeking to make conversation and storytelling around the brand more than looking for a direct sale or conversion.

Key metrics to measure the success of branded content of this type tend to focus on video views, average reading time of articles and social engagements.

Prettysocial media is specialised in Branded Content and has executed campaigns in across Europe and in the USA.

Branded Content on Facebook is by far our biggest and most popular service. On Facebook the format is since 2017 fully integrated as part of the product suite. You will recognize a Branded Content post when you see a Facebook page posting “with” an advertiser brand in the sender name.

Branded Content on Instagram has been well-known by individual influencers for years and is now also very common by editorial publishing. You will recognize a Branded Content post when you see an Instagram posts with a subtitle “Paid sponsorship.

Branded Content on YouTube is on the rise, where more and more advertising and sponsorships are build directly in to the video assets. This is not the same as the YouTube pre-rolls and other YouTube format you can buy on their exchange. When you are buying Branded Content on YouTube with Prettysocial we make sure your product or service is featured as part of the video content and not as an advertising layer on top of the assets.

Branded Content on LinkedIn is primarily requested in our business and news segment and is shown as part of the post, article or blog as sponsored or paid content.

Branded Content on Pinterest is increasingly in demand especially on the efficient video formats where we build your product into the pins.

Branded Content on Podcasts comes in a wide variety from pre-roll adserved host-read ads to custom produced shows with 100% TOV.

Branded Content on SnapChat comes in combination with publishers running SnapChat channels whereas the Branded Content will be part of the video-story-creatives.