Drinking 1 glass of Milk a day.

Case Study: Milk Stories


As part of an on-going initiative to keep the young population dirking milk as part of a healthy lifestyle, the Danish Dairy Board activated a multiple-themed campaign on Instagram and Snap. The milk consumption has been declining over decades mainly to other drink alternatives such as bottled water, soft drinks and energy drinks.

The young audience stops drinking milk when they leave home and family traditions.


We developed a Social- and Live experience campaign executed in the high impact format of 9:16 short form videos. The campaign was executed primarily on Instagram stories, Snap and through digital screen in Educational environments at high-schools and colleges. Putting themes such as Enjoyment, Nutrition, Community, Tradition in the center of the Enjoy Milk communication the Millenial audience was re-encourage to consume 1 glass of Milk a day.

A way above-average on Swipe-ups (clicks) on the Instagram and Snap stories gives a clear indication of interest and engagement from the target group.

A sampling and Vox Pop event at Technical University confirmed important insights and documented key learnings of the youngsters’ milk consumption.

Encouraging the Millenial Target Audience to drink 1 glass of Milk a day.

  • Social impressions within Target Audience 520.000
  • 100% Video Completion Ratio 26%
  • Swipe-Up rate 4,2 %