Case study Leffe – The Delay

Case study: Leffe


In an effort to catch the attention of the busy and often delayed travelers Leffe introduced this fall the Delay campaign. We all know the situation. How annoying! You wait for the train, the metro, the bus or on your connecting flight. You are stuck. Waiting is really frustrating. On average, we spend over a year of our lives with it.


With a video, heavily seeded on social media we distributed the sweepstake message. With an aggressive but still easy call-to-action the 1.000 free packs where gone in no time!

Send us your Delay photo and get a free 4-pack of free Leffe. Call-to-action via Whatsapp. For each delayed image sent to WhatsApp on +49 151 557 81273, Leffe donates four beers to sweeten the delayed travelers time.

Case study Leffe – The Delay

  • Social impressions within Target Audience 3 Mio
  • 100% Video Completion Ratio 1 Mio video views
  • Engagement Rate 4,2%