Beck’s Green Label – Legendary Ingredients

Case Study: Beck's Green Label


Beck’s fans recently had the opportunity to design their own label with the “Green Label” campaign. Now the brand is taking things one step further: at the end of the year, as part of a special edition, not only will the label become more legendary, but the contents will too. These days, beer drinkers always want to discover new things. This is where Beck’s comes in and gets even closer to its consumers.


Combining Digital media with a Real Experiences – from storytelling to Story-Doing. Using a sound box set up in Berlin, passers-by were able to speak to the hops at our hop farm in the Hallertau region – unfiltered and on quite a personal level. As plants react to sound, we grew a special hop with the participation of our consumers. A limited special edition is being brewed with the hops that have been exposed to sound: the Beck’s Soundpils.

The campaign “You make it legendary.”, initiated last year calls on consumers themselves to take the initiative to create something special out of every moment. Social media has become an integral part of everyday life and the campaign was activated via influencers with a heavy impact within the target audience of Millenials. Editorial influencers including the Facebook pages of Millennial mega brand HUFFINGTON POST DEUTSCHLAND and

Herbst 2018: Beck's Green Label - Legendary Ingredients

  • Social impressions within Target Audience 8.1 Mio
  • Video views +3 seconds 1.26 Mio
  • 18-34 age group 52% Ladies 48% Men