Do’s & Don’ts with the new Facebook changes on Branded Content

  • september 19, 2019

While Facebook is updating its algorithm following the big announcements in the beginning of the year we also expect to see some changes to Facebook’s Branded Content policy in the beginning of March. Now, it is time for more updates to the format – which we are a looking forward to embracing as the goal is to produce better, more relevant and more engaging content to the Facebook platform. In this thought-piece you will learn more about the do’s and don’ts and WHY we do not see these changes as a bad thing. 

After introducing the Branded Content format almost 2 years ago for publishers and advertisers to “hand-shake” on a piece of content, the usage of paid branded content has quadrupled (according to Marketingland). Facebook has always wanted to avoid page owners taking money for posting other peoples’/companies’ content without making it clear to consumers – or naturally without taking a share of the cut. 

At Prettysocial we specialize in the branded content format and endorse the clear guidelines and insights the “advertiser tagging” gives to everyone using the platform. Transparency is key here, and the insights showing stats about views, engagements, paid reach etc. has definitely made influencer marketing on social media much more attractive.

The policy which goes into effect in March 2018 clearly emphasize that publishers or influencers who are posting branded content must be creator or co-creator of the content, leaving little space for purely distributing other brands’ ads in their newsfeed and tapping into any organic and free distribution. This leads us to updating our recommended guidelines for creatives when buying into the unique Prettysocial Media Content Distribution network either direct or through our online platform

We have always worked under the pragmatic quote of:


Now we add another list of Do’s & Don’ts:


  • Collaborate with the influencer / publisher to create content that adds value to the reader
  • Stay true to your brand and the nature of Social Media
  • Make content that supports your campaign objectives and goals
  • Make content that is trust-worthy and relevant for the user


  • Re-distribute pure ad content that has no relevance to the target audience
  • Post content that is not contextually relevant to the content of the page owner
  • Use click-bait headlines with the purpose of leading the user to the advertiser site when no publisher involvement in the content creation took place

Further we have included 5 examples of how your content can improve and live up to the new Facebook guidelines on Branded Content requirements for publisher creation:

1. Publisher is taking the lead on the content production. This could be native produced content from the editorial team e.g. an advertorial or a video series. Brainstorm with your team about the story you want to tell, make sure your search keywords and narratives are included as well as relevant product links.   

2. Perhaps you already spend a fortune with your creative agency for the perfect video content. No problem, you can still distribute it with an influencer or publisher. Just make sure that the publisher is adding its two cents to the content by introducing or reviewing it in the copy of the post.

3. Become a sponsor of publisher created content. Perhaps your chosen publisher already have the perfect content for your target audience and you just need to add your logo to get your message across. There are many ways to become a sponsor of publisher created content with pre-rolls on video series, mentions in podcasts, quote-signs and more.

4. Co-create engaging sweepstakes, contests, surveys, games or polls with the publisher to make the perfect involvement and call-to-action in your campaign. The feedback and user input you get back is valuable for that advertiser, publisher and users.

5. Collaborate with the influencers on Facebook Live for an interview of your CEO, some happy customers, an influencer unboxing your product, a chef cooking with your product or ingredients or other talent you may have access to. When publishers broadcast Facebook Live to their audience the viewing times skyrocket. Not only are fans notified when the broadcast starts, the average viewing times are easily up to three times higher than in regular video posts.

As opposed to digital display ads – that can quickly and effectively be mass distributed via exchanges
– Native Ads adds value to the target audience and requires much more care, which can easily become very time-consuming. 

That is WHY you would benefit from partnering with us. We take this resource-heavy work off your hands so you can rest assured that your media purchase and content creation is being handled by experts. We make sure that native content is created and distributed in relevant content environments.

Test your content before you launch it:
1. Would you see it?
2. Would you read it?
3. Would you actually click on it?
4. Would you share it?
5. Would you comment or engage with it?
6. Does it make you smile?
7. Does it make you think – HEY, I need to try this?

NOT? Ensure high return on your media investments by letting your Prettysocial media team clean up your content and make it ready for distribution!

We are advising and executing branded content campaigns with editorial influencers globally across digital channels. If the Facebook policy changes are too daunting for you, we do have several other digital solutions for distributing content in native in-feed environments. Just let us know – we are always ready to talk.

Prettysocial media has offices in New York, London, Munich, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, servicing clients within verticals such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, automotive and many more. Founded in 2013, Prettysocial media consists today of a very dedicated team of 30 people with deep knowledge and experience in Social Media, Native advertising, Content Marketing and Digital Media Technologies.

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