Are you adding music to your stories?

  • august 13, 2021

Instagram Adds New ‘Audio’ Tab to its Search Options

Now both Instagram and YouTube has copied the TikTok feature of easily adding music to your story. With this explosion of short-form video into the mainstream there comes a heightened emphasis on music, and viral videos have the power to make superstars of upcoming musicians, to soar new releases into the charts, and to breathe new life into old (but gold) favourites .

“Now, when you search on Instagram, you’ll be able to switch across to a new ‘Audio’ tab, which will highlight the various tracks available for use within the app. Tap on any track and you’ll see a TikTok-like display of the Reels that have utilized samples of that song.”

Pushing new features tailored towards Reels, Instagram has now added an ‘Audio’ tab to the search bar on the app. The tab makes it easier for users to explore the music available on the platform, allowing them to save a track for later use in Reels, while also highlighting trending songs and inspiration for incorporating them into videos . Much like the Reels feature itself, this new tab is another TikTok copycat, mimicking the ‘Sounds’ tab which serves the same purpose on TikTok. It’s probably no coincidence that YouTube also rolled out their own take on this exact feature, on the same day as Instagram. YouTube’s answer to TikTok is ‘Shorts’ and the latest addition will allow people “to tap the ‘Shorts’ button when viewing a music video to quickly add their own take via Shorts, using sample audio from that clip”.

Instagram Adds New ‘Audio’ Tab to its Search Options to Boost Reels Engagement | Social Media Today