7 Trends That Become Mainstream in 2019

  • september 19, 2019

Facebook IQ has released their fantastic 2019-Trend analysis, which gives us the opportunity to identify some of the themes, which we as consumers care more and more about. It can be trucky for the individual users, Marketing Manager go Journalist to see the bigger picture, when we only have access to data pieces or tuned in on our own track.

Therefore, if anyone has access to data about us and our online behavior it is Facebook. At Prettysocial we are getting the impression that Facebook are becoming more transparent about their data policies, what it can be used for and the responsibility that follows.
Facebook IQ is a good example of that. Here Facebook outlines some themes, that have increased significant growth throughout the last 24 months on the platform. Topics that are “trending” and is about to becoming mainstream.

So why is this interesting for us as Marketers?

Because we should only make advertising that is based on a in genuine interest in our customers and what they care about. We must provide relevant messaging which entertains instead of bombarding with annoying advertising.
Do you know what make your target audience tick? You can consider id any of these 7 trends listed below should be part of your next advertising campaign:

1: Plant-prints

Perhaps a fresh green plant print (with motive = Monstera Deliciosa) is finding its way to your ad? Exactly this motive with the big green leaves that many of us know from the offices in the 80´es has been discussed 10 times more than last year and found its way to everything from blazer jackets, to wallpapers, pillows and jewelry.

2: Functional Food

We care a lot about our food! What we eat, where its coming from, what it looks like, where we consume it and what the ingredients are doing for us. The functional benefits of ingredients are popular. At Prettysocial we just finalized a successful campaign for The Danish Dairy Board where messaging such as “Milk, water with benefits” and “How do you keep healthy” was top performers. See the case study:Drinking 1 glass of Milk a day.

3: Get rid of the micro-plastic

Yes, get it out! Most people can agree to that. Stop produce products such as shampoos and lotions which is stuffed with unnecessary micro-plastic and pollutes our oceans. So… are you promoting these kinds of products you need to start finding new ways?

4: Horror, FOMO and Ghosts

In the entertainment sector horror and ghosts are trending right to the top. We are more intrigued by complex social problems than classic rational fears. Perhaps fear, mystery and ghosts are starring in your next video-campaign?

5: Influencer Marketing

That’s this is a trending topic is naturally one we like to see on our list. As an agency deeply involved in sponsored partnerships with influencers – editorial, professional, sports-stars or YouTubers – we understand the benefits and challenges of this discipline. The Mega-influencers have to give more right of way to the micro or nano-influencers, as everyone starts taking advantage of the opportunities of tagging products in their popular selfies on social channels.

6: Wu Wei for a peaceful moment or wake-surfing as adrenalin kick

As our daily lives are increasingly getting busier and productivity levels goes up, we are seeking time for ourselves, self-realization, entertainment and hobbies to compensate or compliment. Are you not up to speed with what Wake-surfing is then check out this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA-SDf1wvTQ

7: Luxury camping for hedonists

Glamping is the expression for when travelers are seeking luxury outdoor sleeping experiences. We strive for new adventures, the real thing, nature and cultural experience but demand getting a good bed to sleep in and gourmet food. Well, that’s for sure something we can relate to.

Confused or still with us? In any case if you are keen to get inspiration of how to integrate one or more of these mega-trends in your communication then give Prettysocial a shout. We have the data, the ideas and are ready to deliver your campaign.

Have fun out there. With future or existing trends and projects.

Trine Buus
Co-founder Prettysocial Media
+ 45 29 90 33 35

Check the Facebook IQ report here: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/insights/2019-topics-and-trends-report

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